Choosing an Online Website Builder


Do They Offer A Free Domain Name?

One of the reasons you have decided or are considering creating a website for yourself is cost, right? And because you have little idea on how to create or design this website you want the website builder company to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to launch or publish your online presence. This is why, when you are looking for an easy to use website builder, you make sure that they offer a free domain name with your website builder package. A domain name can be just as hard to purchase and setup as a website if you do not know what you are doing so being able to combine the two and have a domain name included in your website builder package makes the process less complicated and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Does It Come With Web Hosting Included?

This step of the process is crucial, if your website builder does not come with web hosting or is not a hosted website builder then you might as well create a website from scratch as after you have created the website, you will then need to purchase hosting, configure your website settings, upload all web page files and then publish your website after that. This is a time consuming process and once again will make the process very difficult if you do not have an understanding of web hosting or how to upload files to a server. Make sure that the website builder that you choose is a hosted website builder to eliminate this speed bump. micropile foundation

Do They Include Business Email Addresses?

One of the reasons that you want to launch an online presence is to increase brand awareness and sales opportunities, correct? Well, there is nothing worse than having a website but emailing your clients from a Gmail or Yahoo account to follow up on sales enquiries, I mean, would you buy from someone sending an offer to you from joeblogs at yahoo dot dom? I know I wouldn’t! Make sure that your chosen website builder package includes business email addresses such as [email protected] to ensure that your potential clients know exactly where you are from, to help to increase the overall professionalism and even help to increase sales.

Are There Hundreds Of Quality Design Templates?

A website builder will generally come with a host of DIY design templates for you to use and get started with. Make sure that your website builder package not only comes with website templates but, good quality and well designed, pre-made website templates. A good template will give you a solid canvas to work from, reduce the amount of work you will have to do to enhance the design of your website and the finished product will look a whole lot better. A good design combined with a solid website structure will help to increase website enquiries and ultimately, online sales.

Is There Comprehensive Tutorials To Follow?

This step and the next step are crucial for anyone who is looking to create a website using a DIY website builder. Ensure that the website builder that you choose has a comprehensive database of tutorials to follow that you can use as you go along. It will be like having an open book exam and being able to refer back to the text books for the relevant answers. Building a website using a DIY website builder can be very easy but, if you get stuck, you want to have the answers right there so that you can refer back to them, get the answer you need and move on quickly, without any delays and without frustration.

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