Buying Replacement Parts for CPAP Masks

Resmed CPAP mask is a popular form of treatment for OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. As you must already know, sleep apnea is a sleep-disordered breathing problem. For this disorder, continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP treatment really helps, of which CPAP masks are an integral part. An airflow generator creates a positive flow into your airway passage and opens it up for uninterrupted breathing, without disturbing your sleep. CPAP Mask Parts

Resmed CPAP mask is of many kinds. The “Swift FX” mask is comfortable and flexible, thanks to an elbow with smooth 360-degree rotation and soft silicon cushions to go easy on your face. It is also easy to wear, releases the vent air silently and the dual-wall nasal pillows with trampoline action allow for a good seal. The “Swift LT” is noted for not only its comfort, but also the fact that no forehead supports are needed; it has a rotating barrel for the perfect fit each time and also gives the patient the choice of side and back sleeping positions with the optional tube retainer. Both the Swift FX and the Swift LT have versions specially customized for women. The “Mirage Swift 2,” like the previous two, is very comfortable, light in touch, easy to assemble and of reduced inventory and has four interchangeable tube positions.

Now let us move on to the Vented Nasal Resmed CPAP mask. The first of this kind is the “Mirage Activa.” This one is ideal if you move a lot when disturbances in sleep occur. That’s because this mask uses the innovative ActiveCell Technology, which via the independent suspension system ensures that it keeps on working in all positions of sleeping. The inflatable and flexible chamber nullifies the effect of any movement. Besides, the convenient cushion clips and a soft one snap elbow ensure easy removal and cleaning of the mask. Next in line is the “Mirage Kidsta” which is tailor-made for kids. This Resmed CPAP mask comes with a very easy-to-use headgear and click-on parts especially for children, besides offering unobstructed vision and a dual-wall cushion to reduce pressure on the nose.

The next kind of Resmed CPAP mask is the “Mirage Micro,” specifically designed as a fit-for-all mask. MicroFit technology ensures it fine-tunes to fit a wide variety of nasal structures. It can also be easily adjusted with merely one hand, even when you are lying down. It also has a children-special variation known as “Mirage Micro for Kids.”


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