Are Aging Skin Care Reviews Rating Skincare Products Accurately?

Aging skincare has become the centerpiece for the cosmetics industry during the age of the “baby boomers”. You can find websites and magazine articles everywhere rating skincare products for us, but are we truly getting honest and unbiased reviews? Let me explain to you why I don’t think that we are.

The range of aging skincare products is simply amazing. It seems that every company that produces cosmetics have at least a dozen or more of these creams and lotions available, which makes discerning which one is the best choice rather confusing. So how do we figure out this puzzle without having to buy and sample every product in sight?

Many people turn to the sites that have “experts” rating skincare products. If you look at these sites carefully you will notice that the only reason that the sites exist is to sell products to you no matter whether they will actually work for you or not. Take what I am about to say next as an example.

I am looking at such sight that places the Philosophy Hope in a Jar as their top aging skincare cream. It should come as no surprise then that they also list it as their number one seller. The problem with this product is that it has no active ingredients that will actually help you to have younger looking skin, but it does contain some very harmful ingredients.

From a very good resource of mine that does well at rating skincare products strictly for safety of the ingredients in the product tells me this product contains ingredients that have been scientifically link to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and endocrine system disruption. buy cbd oil

Does this aging skincare product sound as though it is something that you would want to have absorbed by your skin? I certainly wouldn’t want to use the product and neither should you. I think that this is a perfect example of how people can be falsely persuaded into buying products that will do nothing for them, and in fact may possibly harm them.

If rating skincare products were an honest game then the reviewers would tell you that there are safe, natural choices that you can make that have ingredients that will actually take care of your fine lines and wrinkles, which are good for you, instead of harmful to you. These kinds of products never seem to be the ones that are discussed.

Take the new all natural aging skincare products that are being produced by a company from New Zealand that have been successful in re-generating the production of new collagen and elastin through the use of proteins for example. You would certainly think that a product like that would be covered somewhere or another, but I have yet to see it.


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