Apple iPhone – Paris Hilton of the Phones

Someone has rightly said, “the iPhone is the Paris Hilton of the phones.” What on earth could possibly explain the amount of hype that this device has generated, even long before it was officially announced. A lot of people were having the believe that the Apple iPhone could possibly live up to the hype. unlock iphone

For the most it does live up to almost all of the hype. Though there are a number of issues, but the iPhone is very much the device that Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised the world in January. Is it one of the most advanced handheld computers ever marketed?

Coming to the physical aspect of the phone, there really isn’t much to the iPhone in terms of physical controls and features. The device weighs a somewhat hefty 145g and measures up at 115mm x 61mm x 12mm (4.5″ x 2.4″ x .47″). They see the beautiful 3.5″ 480×320 pixel touch screen display that dominates the front of the device.

Apart from the home key that is located below it, there really is nothing else going on up front. Almost all interactions with the phone take place on the display.

A chrome frame surrounds the glass that covers the black face of the iPhone. A matte finish metal covers up most of the sides and back of the phone where, oddly, the phone’s serial number and IMEI are clearly written. The camera lens, also located on the back, is very small and unobtrusive.

Into that iPod they stuffed a working version of Apple’s operating system, OS X. They put in a cell antenna, plus two more antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth; plus a bunch of sensors, so the phone knows how bright its screen should be, and whether it should display vertically or horizontally, and when it should turn off the touch screen so you don’t accidentally operate it with your ear.

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